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●Brand New and high quality.
● This digital instrument 20000 counts is a 4 1/2 digital instrument, is a high-precision, stable performance, battery-driven high-precision high-precision automatic digital multimeter.
● The instrument has a 21mm character height large-screen LCD display, and it can be read the value clearly and has a function of keeping pea'k value.
● This multimeter can be used to measure DC voltage and AC voltage, DC current and AC current, resistance, capacitance, diode, temperature, on and off, electric field induction testing and frequency.
● The whole machine use double integral A/D conversion for core, is a superior performance instrument. And it is the laboratory, factories, radio enthusiasts and the ideal home tools.

Shell Material: PVC
Color: As Picture Shown
Display: LCD Display
Maximum Display: 20000 (4 1/2) bit automatic polarity display
Measurement method: Double integral A/D conversion
Sampling Rate: About 3 times per second
Overrange Display: The highest bit was “OL”
Lower Voltage Display: Symbol appears
Working Environment: (0-40)℃
Relative Humidity: <80%
Power:1 x 9V (NEDA 1604/6F22) Battery (not included)
Size:(L)X(W)X(H) 184x90x46mm /7.24"x3.54"x1.81"(appr.)

Safety Precautions:
The series of instruments in the design in line with IEC1010 (International Electrotechnical Commission issued by the safety standards), before use, please read safety precautions first.
1.When measuring the voltage, do not input more than 1000V DC or AC 750V RMS voltage limit;
2.Voltage below 36V is the safety voltage, measured at 36V DC, 25V AC voltage, you need to check whether the testing lead is reliable contact, whether the correct connection, whether the insulation is good, to avoid electric shock;
3.For converting the function and range, the testing leas should leave the test point;
4.You should select the correct function and range, beware of misuse, the series of instruments have full range of protection, but for safety reasons, please pay more attention;
5.When measuring the current, do not enter more than 10A current.
Instrument Maintenance:
This series of instruments is a precision instrument. The user should not arbitrarily change the circuit.
1.Please be careful that waterproof, dustproof, drop.
2.Do not storage and use instrument in the high temperature and humidity, flammable and explosive and strong magnetic environment.
3.Please use a damp cloth and a mild detergent to clean the meter surface, do not use abrasive and alcohol and other strong solvents.
4.If you do not use for a long time, you should remove the battery to prevent the battery leakage to corrode the instrument.
Battery Replacement: 9V (NEDA1604/6F22 or equivalent models):
Pay attention to the battery usage, when the screen shows the “low battery” symbol, you should replace the battery, the steps are as follow:
1.Unscrew the crews that secure the battery cover and exit the battery cover;
2.Remove the battery, put on a new battery, although any standard battery can be used, for it’s better to use alkaline batteries to lengthen the service time.
3.Install the battery cover and tighten the screws.
Fuse Replacement:
When replacement the fuse, use a fuse of the same type.

Please allow slight deviation of measurement due to manual measurement.
Due to different producing batches, product details might be a little different.
Due to different monitors and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.
Please consider the actual sizes give'n in the listing as the pictures are generally enlarged to show detail.
Package includes:
1 x Multimeter
1 x Pair of Test Pencil
1 x Thermocouple
1 x English User Manual
1 x Storage Bag

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