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Material: Aluminium alloy
Color: Black
Temperature range: 0-500℃, 0-900℉
Usage: This product is mainly used for measuring the Fireplace, furnace, barbecue, stove, temperature
Fahrenheit: 0-900℉
Accuracy: ± 6 degrees
Size: 6x1CM/2"x0.4"
HOW TO USE in a oven:
The oven is set to the temperature you need to test, the thermometer on the oven in the middle of the middle position (the best rack in the baking net), and then close the oven door, the oven began heating tube slowly heated to red until Heating tube black can read the actual temperature, and now generally home oven temperature test will be high down, we can according to their actual situation of the oven to adjust the oven thermometer! 
◆ Aluminium alloy shell, safety and environmental protection;
◆ Fast readings, strong sensor probe;
◆ Placed in the oven, that is beautiful and applicable.
◆ The back of the cooling hole, effective distribution of heat, protection of the thermometer
Not long-term on the inside of the oven, the temperature measured generally takes a few minutes, can take out a good measure
Package included:
1x Oven thermometer

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