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Its connector can be connected dierectly to Digital Thermometers.
By removing its connector, it can also be connected to Temperature Controllers.

It can measure VERY HIGH temperatures up to 2372 °F(1300℃)
This heavy duty 8 gauge comes in 7.5 inch length.
The length of this thermocouple is measured by the number of 1 inch long ceramics.
Some extra length is added for connections.
You can adjust the length of this thermocouple by bending the probe/thread at installation.


Thermocouple: Type K
Measuring Temperature: -58 to 2372 °F (-50 to 1300 °C)
Cable: 1m (3.3ft) Internal Insulation: Fiberglass
K type thermocouple wire: External Shielding : Metal Shield (stainless Steel Braided)
Thread material: Cr-Ni, Si-Ni
Thread diameter (ɸ): 3.2 mm (~0.13 inch)
Thread length: 190 mm (~7.5 inch)
Tube length: 150 mm (~ 6.0 inch)
Tube diameter (ɸ): Oval shape: L=12.3 mm & W=10mm (L~ 0.5” & W~ 0.4”)
Tube shape: 6 x (1 inch Pcs) Ceramic Tube
Insulator: Two-hole insulator
Package included:

1 x Ceramic Mounting Block
1 x 1m (3.3 ft) wire extension

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