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18.5'' K-type temperature thermocouple sensor probe fits for ceramic kiln furnace -328 to 2498 ℉.


MaterialCeramic, Metal
Measurement Range-328 to 2498 ℉ (-200.0 to 1370.0 ℃)
Wire Diameter2.5mm(0.01")
Total length18.5"(470mm)

1. This is a heavy duty K-type thermocouple for use in kiln and furnace applications. The probe is rated for
    continuous use at very high temperatures up to 2498 ℉ or 1370.0 ℃.
2. This type K Thermocouple Kiln Probe is made with 15 ceramic insulators, each about 1 inch long
3. This k-type thermocouple is frequently used in ceramic ovens, kilns and furnaces, in pottery ovens, metal
    working, manufacturing and whenever you need to measure and control very high temperatures.

Package Included:
1 x Ceramic K-type Thermocouple

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