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Turn on the tester's power switch; the LCD will not light up, press the test button (TEST button) and the LCD will light up!

 If testing devices with high capacitance, inductance and high voltage drop, it is recommended to test the test interface of the tester. Try not to use the test line to avoid large errors caused by the resistance of the test line itself.
The tester is not suitable for applications with high measurement accuracy!
 Measureable components: various diodes, capacitors, resistors, triodes, thyristors, MOS tubes, etc.!
 It is only used to measure electronic devices and cannot be used to test power devices (high-power mos, thyristors, etc.)!
 The instrument has been calibrated at the factory, users do not need to calibrate themselves, can be used directly!


◆ Built-in 3.7V lithium battery!
◆ 12864 graphic LCD display test results.
◆ One-button operation, automatically turn off the power, increase the power switch, avoid battery power consumption during storage and shutdown.
◆ Automatic detection of PNP and NPN bipolar transistors, N, P-channel MOSFETs, JFETs, diodes, dual diodes, thyristors, thyristors, resistors, capacitors, inductors. Automatically detect pin definitions!
◆ It can measure the current amplification factor (B) of bipolar transistor, lower power Darlington crystal and the threshold voltage (Uf) of the emitter junction.
◆ The protection diode inside the bipolar transistor and MOSFET can be detected and displayed on the screen.
◆ Measure the threshold voltage and gate capacitance of the MOSFET.
◆ Supports dual resistance measurement and potentiometer measurement. If the potentiometer is adjusted to the end of the end, the tester cannot distinguish between the middle and the ends.
The resolution of the test resistor is 0.1 Ω and the maximum is 50 MΩ.
◆ Capacitance measurement range from 25pF to 100mF (100,000Uf) with a resolution of 1 pF. It can detect the equivalent series resistance (ESR) of capacitors above 2 UF with a resolution of 0.01Ω. 
◆Inductance measurement range is 0.01mH–20H, otherwise it will be displayed as resistance; DC resistance higher than 2100 ohm will also be displayed as resistance.
◆ Can test double diodes, test the correct direction and forward voltage drop.
◆ LED detection is a diode, dual LED detection is a double diode, and the LED will flash during the test.
The time for each test is about 2 seconds, but large capacitance and inductance measurements take a long time!

1) After receiving the tester, turn on the power switch (the tester liquid crystal will not light up), press the test button (TEST button) to test the device. The test time will be extended or shortened according to the device. If the device is correctly identified, the screen will display the result time of about 15-20s to close the screen. If the component is damaged or unrecognizable, the display result will be turned off for about 3-5s, which will greatly improve the battery life when using the battery.
2) Test point selection: Tester test points are 1 (or T1), 2 (or T2), 3 (or T'3), the tested components can be arbitrarily selected at three test points, the meter will automatically recognize, all the same The test points of the numbers are the same.

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