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Voltage, current, power measurement, Ah, Wh capacity, energy display
Load resistance measurement shows the equivalent resistance, QC, FCP, PD monitoring (non-decoy)
Dual voltage and current real-time curve

ModelT50N dual USB table
Display2.6 inch IPS TFT 320 * 240
Dimensions95 * 50 * 14mm
Sampling resistance25 milliohms
Own internal resistance50 milliohms
Power consumptionabout 0.6W (120mA at 5V)
Fast charge trickDo not support
D + D-voltagenot displayed
Voltage range3-25V (independent power supply 0-25V)
Current range0-5A
Resolution0.001V 0.001A
Accuracy0.03V 0.005A
Input InterfaceUSB-A male * 1
Micro USB * 2
Type-C * 2
Output InterfaceUSB-A * 2
Type-C * 2
Power InterfaceMicro USB Female * 1
1. The bold line represents the power line, take a large current, if 5A circuit, to ensure that thick line part of the circuit and the pad can withstand 5A current for a long time;
2. Two ways common ground; Power can also be replaced by a road, with 2 loads;
3. 5V power supply available OUR supporting stepping plate steal electricity from 1, 3-25V can work;
4. Because the power supply 5V is connected 1117 change 3.3V, and 5V direct access to the OP07 and these two devices in the following 10V can work properly, 5V then slightly higher point, such as (6V), but be sure Stable, or OP07 at different voltage offset is not the same, leading to the need to recalibrate;
5. Since this product is based on Usart-GPU production, all interfaces are fully customizable with the host GpuMaker to suit the product:
Package includes:
1 x T50N Dual USB Power Monitor

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