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Weight: 21g
Display color:  C: Red + Green
Display mode: Dual 0.28 LED digital 4 bit tube
update rate: About 200 ms/time
Physical size: 48 x 29 x 26 mm (L*W* H)
Opening size: 45 x 26 mm (L*W)
Supply voltage: 3.5-28V
Lead wire length: 14 cm(Five wires)
Measurement range: DC0.00-33.00V(voltage, Resolution 0.01v )    
                                       0.000-3.000A(current, Resolution 0.001A)

Operation temperature: -10 degrees~65 degrees
Current measurement accuracy: ± (0.3% + 2words)
Instruction of wiring:
Red thin wire (VCC): Power input + 3.5-28V
(NOTE: If the measuring signal is lower than 28V and have abundant power supply, it can be used as power supply for the module [black wire and yellow wire are contacted together to use])
Black thin wire(GND): Power input- Measurement signal – 3.5-28V
Yellow thin wire (VIN): Measurement signal + (0-99.9V)
Red thick wire (I+): Current input + (connect with load negative)
Black thin wire(I-): Current input – (in series in power supply negative)

Circuit Diagram:

Voltage current meterin the measurement system for power supply

System supply power-1

System supply power-2 

Package included:

3 x 0-33V 0-3A Four Bit Voltage Current Meter

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